CONCERT REVIEW: Angels and Airwaves – Bad Suns – My Kid Brother: Live at House of Blues Boston

Lansdowne Street in Boston, MA in October. It’s either extremely noisy and busy or it’s completely silent, in this instance it was the former rather than the later. Because we have Angels & Airwaves playing at the House of Blues the very same night that the Red Sox are facing the Houston Astros in the ALCS championship series… On the exact same street. We have baseball fans and music fans thrown together and it was pure magic. It’s gonna be a fun night, let’s dive right in.

First up we have up and coming band, My Kid Brother. Hailing from Leesburg, VA. This group of homegrown rockers came onto the stage with a presence but cannot be denied. Sounding like a mix of Cage the Elephant and Portugal The Man with a thick bass groove that would give Rush a run for their money while having the approachability of your local garage band waiting to explode onto the Billboard charts. They for sure gained a large handful of new fans that night, myself very much included. Go listen!


Following My Kid Brother on this tour are Los Angeles based group, Bad Suns. There were a decent amount of people at the show for them specifically, more than Angels and Airwaves, which really speakers to the beauty of music and how it can bring different groups and sectors of the fan spectrum together in beautiful and chaotic harmony. Pop rock with a distinct LA vibe with a dash of Prince swagger. Bad Suns played a decent mix of new and old while also playing a song off of their new album coming out in early 2022 called “Generation Whenever”. Huge shoutout to Bad Suns, they were an absolute treat to watch and listen to!

I would say a hush fell over the crowd before AVA came to the stage but it just wouldn’t be right. It was anything but silent people were singing, dancing, just enjoying life. For many probably for the first time in almost two years as live music is just now becoming a reality again for much of the world. It was a beautiful thing to see firsthand.

When Angels & Airwaves killed the house lights and turned on the smoke machines, the crowd went absolutely ape-shit! Seeing Tom DeLonge walk out in front of the AVA logo and go directly into “Kiss & Tell” off of their latest album, Lifeforms (Rise Records), brought me right back to why I loved live music in the first place. I could’ve closed my eyes and thought I was back in 2008 and I loved every part of it. Going through a giant 16 song setlist spanning their entire discography, to date, and even throwing in a quick bit of Blink-182 with a small bit of “I Miss You”. It was an alternative kids dream for a show and it couldn’t have had a better crowd for it. Ending the night with their classic “Heaven” off of their sophomore album “I-Empire” it was a perfect closer for a night of musical bliss and nostalgic remembrance. If you have a chance to catch this tour while it’s still in the US or while it’s over in Europe, do yourself a favor and grab yourself a ticket, you won’t regret it.


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Until next time… Peace and chicken grease, y’all. Catch ya next time!