Code Orange Launches New Website, Online Scavenger Hunt Teasing New Music

In the last few years, it seems every modern hardcore band is trying to be the “next Code Orange”. Well, it looks like the next step in the evolution of Code Orange is upon us! The band has launched a new 360 degree, interactive website with a scavenger hunt of clues. In addition to links to the Code Orange merch store with new gear with the slogan “whatisreallyunderneath”., the band has shared several disturbing and creepy video teasers, music snippets, puzzles, a discord community, a new mailing list signup, a secret phone number to call and more! The look of it is a cross between the visual aesthetic of Tool and The Lawnmower Man. Ghost Cult has found some of the clues already, but you can do the rest! New Code Orange on the way in 2020 and this si certainly an exciting way to kick off the campaign.