Clutch Announces “The Obelisk” Twelve LP Boxed Set for Record Store Day

Clutch announces a special new LP boxed set for Record Store Day drop #3, THe Obelisk, due this Saturday, October 24th via Weathermaker Music. The limited-edition set includes 12 LPs, a Turntable Slipmat, Signed Lithograph, all exclusives. The Obelisk is a box set that consists of all of Clutch’s Weathermaker Music vinyl releases. There are six doj um7t. In addition, the box contains a turntable mat and a square, artist signed lithograph. The rigid box has a magnetic closure and the silver foil is stamped on black Sierra cloth. This is a premium collector’s item and only 2000 exist in the world. Clutch released their twelfth studio album, Book of Bad Decisions, through their own Weathermaker Music in 2018

The Obelisk contains these albums:

  1. Full Fathom Five (WM052 – 2xLP)
  2. Live At The Googolplex (WM059 – LP picture disc)
  3. Jam Room (WM060 – LP picture disc)
  4. Pitchfork and Lost Needles (WM061 – LP picture disc)
  5. La Curandera (WM053 – LP)
  6. Strange Cousins From The West (WM013 – 2xLP)
  7. Blast Tyrant (WM018 – 2xLP)
  8. Robot Hive / Exodus (WM019 – 2xLP)
  9. From Beale Street To Oblivion (WM020 – 2xLP)
  10. Earth Rocker (WM028 – LP)
  11. Psychic Warfare (WM042 – LP)
  12. Book Of Bad Decisions (WM067 – 2xLP)


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Clutch is:

Neil Fallon – Vocals/Guitar

Tim Sult – Guitar

Dan Maines – Bass

Jean-Paul Gaster – Drums/Percussion