Cloudkicker Surprise Drops a New Album, Streaming Now

Cloudkicker, the alter ego of master Progressive Metal musician Ben Sharp has surprise dropped his long-expected new album, Unending (Self-Released). The project has not released new music since 2015’s Woum albumThe seven-song album was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered between March and August of 2019. The vinyl master included as bonus tracks and hopefully purchase information will be available soon, but for now, you can stream the entire album.

Cloudkiker – Unending tracklisting

1. Night 02:18

2. Xaoc 07:20

3. Blackwing 05:39

4. AR-Lp 36 02:26

5. YHWH 03:35

6. Wall 00:42

7. Void 06:06