City Of Ships Streaming “The Light You Stole”

city of ships

Post hardcore outfit City Of Ships is streaming “The Light You Stole,” off Ultraluminal, out March 20, 2015 via Translation Loss, here.

Since forming in 2006, City Of Ships has consistently impressed audiences with their distinctive brand of heavy, down-tuned melodic rock. Their third full-length, Ultraluminal, finds the band building sonic skyscrapers on the foundations laid by their previous two LPs. With its ten expertly-crafted new songs co-produced by veteran recordist Andrew Schneider (Big Business, Cave-In, Pelican) and mastered by Carl Saff (Guided By Voices, Young Widows), the album is an unequivocal game-changing declaration from one of America’s most compelling underground bands.

Ultraluminal marks its territory with expansive guitar work, growling bass lines, and thunderous drumming. Vocalist Eric Jernigan harnesses his trademark shifts from soaring, gravel-throated anthems into tranquilizing melodic bliss, just as the songs themselves effortlessly cascade in coruscating crashes. Tracks like “Alarm” and “Medata Blues” demonstrate immaculate poise and imaginative lyrical prowess as City Of Ships keeps a white-knuckled grip on their surging dynamics.

Ultraluminal Track Listing:
01. The Light You Stole
02. Alarm
03. Metadata Blues
04. Preeminence
05. Private Party
06. Illawarra Escarpment
07. Lost It
08. Hardwired
09. The Old Man
10. Mile High

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