Chevelle Reveals Tracklisting for Incoming Album – “Niratias”

Modern Rock band Chevelle has shared the tracklisting and cover art for their forthcoming new album Niratias. The band already shared a new music video for their single “Self Destructor.” You can watch the


Created with longtime producer Joe Barresi [Tool, Queens of the Stone Age], Chevelle recorded throughout 2019 and 2020 and pieced together an intriguing and inimitable body of work, with themes that will reveal themselves soon. The album artwork is by Boris Vallejo. The famed and award-winning artist is responsible for the posters used for films like Knightriders and National Lampoon’s Vacation, as well as iconic 70’s and 80’s science fiction novel covers and magazines (such as Heavy Metal).

  1. Verruckt

  1. So Long, Mother Earth

  1. Mars Simula

  1. Sleep the Deep

  1. Self Destructor

  1. Piistol Star (Gravity Heals)

  1. VVurmhole

  1. Peach

  1. Test Test…Enough

  1. Endlessly

  1. Remember When

  1. Ghost and Razor

  1. Lost in Digital Woods


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