Cattle Decapitation Offers “Free Guest List For Life” To Fans That Were Harassed


In a story that has made the rounds, Thomas Kanewakeron Gray and Skanahwati Gray, two brothers who belong to the Mohawk Native american tribe, were on a college visit to their”dream school” at Colorado State, when they were racially profiled, had the cops called on them and patted down for being “suspicious” and “too quiet” while on a tour of the school for prospectivce students. Much of the conjecture since the story broke has been one of the brothers wearing a death metal shirt, but Cattle Decapitation. Now the good dudes in that band have weighed in, and in a show of solidarity, they have offered them free tickets for life to any shows. 

The brothers had reportedly unnerved another parent on the tour, making the individual “nervous.” The parent called the police to report the suspicious pair.

“Apparently, a parent on the tour called police because they were too quiet. That made them suspicious,” their mother told the Denver Post. “They were trying to listen. Why should it be a crime to listen and not engage in a conversation?”