Ghost Cult Magazine Remembers Photographer Melina Dellamarggio

RIP Melina Dellamarggio ghostcultmag

As we do every year, we celebrate the life and work of Ghost Cult Magazine photographer Melina Dellamarggio of Melina D Photography, who passed away today, August 19th in 2016, at age 29. While she only worked with Ghost Cult for a year and a half, but she made a huge impact on our life as a colleague and friend. In addition to being an invaluable member of our staff, covering huge national tours, festivals, underground acts, and music industry events, her concert photography, and writing was also featured in Loudwire, The Phoenix New Times, as well as local and national television outlets and magazines. You can read our original In Memorium piece here, and watch the celebration of her life held by her family and friends in Phoenix after she passed. Continue reading

Remembering Peter Steele of Type O Negative 1962 – 2010

April 14th is a hard day for fans of Type of Negative, as we continue to mourn the loss of legendary frontman Peter Steele who died on this day in 2010. He was only 48 years old. He would have turned 57 this year. Join us as we recall the life and musical legacy of the titan from the 1990s.

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All That Remains Guitarist Oli Herbert Dies At Age 44

Sad news to report as All That Remains guitarist and legendary New England shredder Oli Herbert has died. He was 44 years old. No cause of death or further information is available at this time. The band announced his passing on their Facebook page. We send our sympathy out to the band, and Oli’s family, friends, and fans at this time. Continue reading

Punk Legend Steve Soto Of The Adolescents Has Passed Away At Age 54

Steve Soto, whose name and music are synonymous with original California Hardcore Punk Rock has passed away. He was 54. No cause of death has been reported as of this time. Steve was a founding member of Agent Orange but rose to fame when he founded The Adolescents, and later appeared in a plethora of other bands, notably Manic Hispanic. Steve was a gifted multi-instrumentalist, dear friend to many, and scene booster, supporting many bands by booking shows for decades in and around Orange County, CA. The band played earlier this spring at Travis Barker’s MusINK Festival, and they had just concluded a headline tour in Boston on June 24th and were preparing to release a new album, Cropduster. The band was due to head out on a summer European tour next week. We send our condolences to Steve’s family, friends and fans at this time. Continue reading

Remembering Vinnie Paul Abbott, Metal Drumming Legend 1964-2018

The world lost an amazing drummer and by all accounts a great person when Vinnie Paul Abbott passed away on 6/22/2018 at age 54. As the drummer of Pantera, he formed the battery of the band that would put the metal genre on their backs in the 1990s. Often imitated and never duplicated, Vinnie was heavy influenced by legends from his childhood like Black Sabbath, Metallica, Slayer, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and KISS. However, what he put down behind the kit for more than 30 years was a major source of inspiration for a legion of drummers that followed.Continue reading

Vinnie Paul Abbott, Legendary Drummer For Pantera, Dead At Age 54


Terrible news has come down as Vinnie Paul, best know as the drummer for Pantera, Hellyeah, and Damageplan has passed away. No cause of death is known at this time, and Vinnie’s family has asked for privacy and respect for now. The announcement came as a post on Pantera’s official Facebook page, which you can see below. We’ll continue to track this story as more details become available. We are naturally devastated by this news, and we send out condolences to Vinnie’s family, friends and fans worldwide at this time. Continue reading

Cave-In Bassist Caleb Scofield, Dead At Age 39


The music world was dealt a blow today as tragedy struck brilliant bassist Caleb Scofield, of bands like Cave-In, Old Man Gloom Zozobra and other bands died in a car accident near Bedford, NH. His pickup truck crashed into a barrier at the tolls in Bedford, and he perished when his vehicle burst into flames. The accident was reported on by the Union Leader at A crowdfunding campaign was immediately set up to help Caleb’s family. The details of which are below. Continue reading

Frank “Killjoy” Pucci Of Necrophagia Dead At Age 48

Shock and sadness is felt today in the music world of death metal originator and Necrophagia founder Frank “Killjoy” Pucci has died. He was 48. The announcement of his passing was made from the bands’ Facebook page. Killjoy founded Necrophagia in 1983, as one of the first true death metal bands, but also flirted with black metal and other subgenres. He also famously collaborated with Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Superjoint), joining to reform Necrophagia in 1997 and then Killjoy himself joining two of Anselmo’s side projects, Viking Crown and Eibon. Other projects Killjoy participated in were Wurdulak, The Ravenous, and Cabal, and produced albums for other bands.Continue reading

Former Judas Priest Drummer Dave Holland, Dead At Age 69

Former Judas Priest drummer Dave Holland, who played on all of their crucial 1980s albums has passed away at age 69. No cause of death has been revealed. Dave was the drummer in Priest from 1979 until 1989 when he exited the band and was replaced by current drummer Scott Travis. Holland is the second longest standing drummer of the band, besides Travis. Holland had a storied career in rock and heavy metal until a conviction in 2006 for attempted rape, indecent assault, and child endangerment led to his imprisonment until 2012. Holland maintained his innocence in the matter until his death. Continue reading

In Memorium: Malcolm Young Of AC/DC- The Architect Of Rock

When Malcolm Young of AC/DC died yesterday at age 64 after a long illness, a small bit of the flame of Rock `n Roll was put out. Al thought the music Young created will live on forever, as an observer of music history, you have to marvel at the longevity and the quality of the songbook he has left and wonder if anyone will ever come along to replicate it. Continue reading