Lamb Of God Singer Denied Damages Claim Against Czech Republic

Lamb of God, by Evil Robb Photography

Lamb of God, by Evil Robb Photography

According to a report by The Associated Press, a Czech Republic court has denied a request by Lamb Of God singer D. Randall Blythe’s claim for damages in excess of half a million dollars after he was acquitted of manslaughter charges in 2013.

Michal Sykora, a Czech lawyer for Blythe, says the court on Wednesday dismissed his request to be paid 15.555 million Koruna ($640,800) by the Justice Ministry.

The parents of the alleged victim, known as Daniel, were demanding compensation of 10 million Czech Koruna (approximately $530,000).


Following a 38 day incarceration in Pankrac prison, Blythe returned to America, only to return months later for the trial which if convicted could have seen him serve 10-20 years in prison. After a five-day trial, Blythe was acquitted on March 5, 2013. Blythe and Lamb Of God spent an innumerable amount of money clearing his name as well as lost income and wages from missed performances and tours.

As The Palaces Burn, Lamb Of God Documentary

Blythe’s story was detailed in the film As The Palaces Burn and his memoir released this last summer Dark Days: A Memoir (Da Capo Press), was released on July 14.

Alleged Killer of Metallica Fan Indicted By Grand Jury


Morgan Harrington,

Morgan Harrington, Photo credit

After six years with the possible killer of Morgan Harrington, the Virginia Tech student and Metallica fan who disappeared following a Metallica concert in 2009 and was found murdered in January 2010, may have justice for their child.
According to CNN, prosecutors revealed that a grand jury has indicted Jesse L. Matthew and charged him with first-degree murder and abduction with the intent to defile in relation to Harrington’s case. Investigators believe that Matthew, a former cab driver, was also the last person to see Graham before she went missing. Matthew was expected to appear in court to face the charges in the Harrington case on Wednesday. Prosecutors did not detail what evidence led them to pursue charges against Matthew in the Harrington case.


Metallica got involved with the search for Morgan within days following her disappearance, offering up a reward for anyone with information about the whereabouts of Harrington. They remained consistent with their support in the intervening years in the search for Morgan and her killer. The band allowed ‘Enter Sandman’ to be used on Virginia Tech t-shirts that were used to start a Morgan Harrington Scholarship Fund at the university.


Gil Harrington, Morgan’s mother, told CNN affiliate WDBJ:

“That the person responsible will be brought to justice, there’s a lot of satisfaction in that. Something as heinous as taking someone’s life should have consequences. Today, finally, the domino cascade of consequences for Jesse Matthew for killing Morgan Harrington has started.”


A video report on the case by TV station WDBJ7 in Virginia can be seen here

Remaining GWAR Members Issue Statement Against Lawsuit

Photo Credit: Robert Escue

Photo Credit: Robert Escue

The remaining members of GWAR have issued a statement in regards to the lawsuit filed by William Brockie, father of the late GWAR co-creator Dave Brockie against the remaining members of the band and co-owners of the Slave Pit.

We have not yet seen the actual lawsuit papers, and thus cannot comment on the substance of the lawsuit brought against GWAR by Dave Brockie’s father, William Brockie, but we can say that the claims in the Style Weekly article are false. We did not steal Dave Brockie’s ashes, or anything else that belonged to him. In fact, all of the items mentioned in the article, including Dave’s ashes have been available to his attorneys for weeks. At all times, and under very trying circumstances, we have acted in good faith to honor the wishes of our dear friend. Dave left no will or instructions for final arrangements, and so we have done the best we could to honor what we believe Dave Brockie would have wanted.

The accusation concerning Dave’s ashes is particularly troubling for us. Following Dave’s passing, the first thing we did was notify his father, who signed over Dave’s body so we could have him cremated. We were told by Dave’s father that he did not want to be involved in making Dave’s final arrangements. For this reason, Slave Pit assumed that responsibility, paying for his cremation, arranging two memorial services (one public and one private), and purchasing a plot for Dave in Richmond’s famed Hollywood Cemetery. Dave’s father did not attend either of the services held for his son in Richmond.

Over 30 years of working and living with Dave, several of us had heard him say that he wished for his ashes to be kept at Slave Pit, so he could “keep an eye on GWAR” while we worked. In the weeks following his death, we developed a plan for a memorial fund that would raise money to honor Dave’s memory with a statue in Hollywood Cemetery and work to continue his passionate support of the arts. We felt strongly that a portion of his remains should live at the site of his proposed monument in Hollywood Cemetery. When William Brockie later approached us, we released a portion of the ashes at his request, so he could spread them in the location where Dave’s brother and mother’s ashes were dispersed.

Concerning the other allegations in the article, there was certainly no effort on the part of anyone in GWAR, including drummer Brad Roberts, to steal or hide Dave’s belongings and personal effects either from his home or office. Dave, like the rest of GWAR, was paid upfront for his final leg of touring with GWAR. The claim that we failed to pay his share of royalties from Slave Pit Inc. is false, and we have the records to prove that. We have been in correspondence with William Brockie and his lawyers for months. They have access to the band’s financial records, and Dave’s payments and share of royalties are clearly recorded. Likewise, William Brockie’s attorneys have an itemized list of the small collection of Dave’s art and belongings at Slave Pit. There was never an attempt on the part of Slave Pit to withhold these items from William Brockie. When his attorneys finally identified the particular things they wanted, we made arrangements to return them immediately. Dave’s remains, as well as his belongings, including the instruments and the gold record mentioned in the article were given to our lawyers, who in turn notified the Brockie estate that they could retrieve them weeks ago.

The Dave Brockie Fund did indeed raise money toward our initial goal of building a monument to Dave in Hollywood Cemetery. Unfortunately, its mission has been put on hold because William Brockie’s attorneys claim that the Brockie estate should have control of the Dave Brockie Fund and the money contained therein. If we are ultimately unable to use the funds for the purpose for which they are raised, the funds will be returned to all contributing donors.

Finally, our manager, Jack Flanagan has been unjustly accused of signing a bogus release. At the request of our attorneys, he signed some paperwork to make his position clear on what he thought Dave would have wanted, which is something that the law of Virginia specifically asks for, given Jack’s relationship with the band and with Dave. There is nothing bogus about this.

Dave Brockie was our friend, peer, co-worker, and our family. We want to preserve the legacy of one of the greatest singers in rock and roll history. There is no “conspiracy,” no bad faith, no theft, no graft, and no ill will. We trust our fans will see through this, and we will be able to get back to work on the one thing we all know Dave Brockie loved; GWAR.

Unlocking The Truth Seeks Exit From Sony Music Deal

unlocking the truth

Unlocking The Truth are reportedly seeking to exit their $1.8 million dollar recording contract with Sony Music they signed last year. At the March 14th screening their Breaking A Monster documentary screening, band guitarist/singer Malcolm Brickhouserevealed they were seeking to sever ties with Sony due to “complications.”

Band drummer Jarad Dawkins said:

“Our attorneys are in the process of us exiting the label.”

When pressed for further details, he offered:

“We can’t discuss the complications. But complications — that’s what I can tell you.”

The band was formed by Brickhouse and his seventh grade friends Dawkins and bassist Alec Atkins started performing instrumental metal in 2010, and by the summer of 2013 they began performing regularly. Sony Music signs them to a multiple album deal, if sales figures are met, could land them $1.8 million.

Within the interview, it states about the band’s rise following on YouTube with the band’s performances in Times Square to band manager Alan Sacks signing the group and orchestrating their deal with Sony Music. But it also shows the friction between the band and Sacks, as well as with their label, and at meeting with their label presenting the trio as cartoon characters resembling “The Boondocks”, amongst other objections.

The band is scheduled to perform at South By Southwest, where they just performed this past Tuesday. No word on other previously scheduled live appearances at this time.

unlocking the truth sxsw

Tool Win Eight Year Lawsuit, Focus On Recording New Album


Tool’s eight year lawsuit by visual artist Cam De Leon has ended with the ruling in favor of the band with no details made public. De Leon had designed numerous artwork elements for the band at the time and felt he was unfairly paid and the band’s usage exceeded his licenses.

In a new interview, band guitarist Adam Jones spoke about the ongoing legal proceedings:

When you try to be ethical and sleep well at night and try to do the right thing, and people around you are not doing the right thing and trying to take advantage of you, it really affects your creativity and your sleep and your relationships with people and everything you do,”

We would have had an album out a long time ago, we would have been taking more tours. But we’ve been discouraged and distracted by this major lawsuit, which is the worst thing that’s ever happened to us. It reminds me of one of those ads you see on TV where a guy goes, ‘Have you been in a car wreck? Call us!

As for the new album, he mentioned that one song is now complete and ten more are in the works.

“Our greatest strength is jamming and coming up with stuff. We’re doing that really well now and I’m excited about everything we’re working on. Some of it’s really heavy, some of it’s complex and some is more atmospheric, but it’s definitely Tool. I think having this lawsuit out of the way should really speed of the progress of getting the album done.”

Jones was hoping to have this new album out by the year’s end if all goes well, but specifics are still being sorted out. Read the full story here.