Katatonia To Go On Hiatus And “Re-evaluate What The Future Holds”

Earlier this month Katatonia canceled their upcoming dates in Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania due to a “sudden personal medical situation” affecting guitarist Roger Öjersson. Those dates were rescheduled for next year, and now they’ve revealed that they will be the final dates of The Fall Of Hearts tour. The band has also announced that after those dates, they will be going on a short hiatus. Continue reading

letlive. Announces Breakup, No Further Activities Planned

Post-Hardcore and Metalcore leaders letlive. have announced their immediate breakup this weekend in a post via social media. The influential and successful bands’ breakup has sent a shockwave through the music community with peers and fans expressing their dismay on social media. Their final album, If I’m The Devil was released last fall via Epitaph Records. Continue reading

Foo Fighters Announce Indefinite Hiatus

 Foo Fighters, photo credit Haley Madden

Foo Fighters, photo credit Haley Madden

Rumored since a cryptic tweet and other messages the last few days, Foo Fighters have revealed the band is entering an indefinite hiatus as of now. In an interview with Spin drummer Taylor Hawkins confirmed the news:


I think the world needs a break from us for a little while”


Rumors and speculation had followed the band for some time as front man Dave Grohl has been eyeing a solo career for some time. He often has many other side-projects in the works, both high profile and behind the scenes. Hawkins himself has several other bands he is a part of including Birds of Satan and Chevy Metal. The future plans of the other members of the group are at this time unknown. Foo Fighters were promoting their current release, the Saint Cecelia (Roswell.RCA) EP, recorded as a charity project to benefit victims of the Paris Terror attacks. Prior to that the band had released the award-winning Sonic Highways (Roswell/RCA) album in 2014.


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