Black N’ Blue Bowl 2017 Lineup Announced

The 2017 Black N’ Blue Bowl lineup has just been revealed, and it’s a hardcore fans dream come true. Continue reading

Stick To Your Guns Become The First Hardcore Band To Play Kenya

Heavy metal is loved by millions of fans all over the globe, but many aren’t as lucky as we are here in the States. We get to see our favorite bands almost every year, but for some countries, fans will never see or hear heavy metal in person. One of the countries was Kenya, until Stick To Your Guns traveled there this week to bring their heavy tunes to the eager audience. Continue reading

Demolition Hammer To Perform Epidemic Of Violence In New York City

Holy shit! The iconic Demolition Hammer has just announced a HUGE show in New York City. Continue reading

New York By Norse Featuring Enslaved: Various Venues, New York

Enslaved, by Jonathan Arevalo Photography

Ragnarok is not a story about the end of the world. It is about nature. It is about the end of something and the beginning of others. A rebirth.”Continue reading