Carcass Parts Ways With Ben Ash, Plays Netherland Deathfest With New Lineup

Legendary British death metal band Carcass have parted ways with guitarist Ben Ash and replaced him with Tom Draper (Pounder, Ex-Angel Witch, Primitai). Watch video of Draper playing his first show with the band at Netherlands Deathfest at 013 in Tilburg, NL.

Ash commented in a post to social media::

“At the start of 2018, I decided to come away from the touring circuit and focus on getting back into an educational role and also focus on a bit of study and some individual music projects. And from the footage that I saw of the band playing at the Netherlands Deathfest, I knew they’d knock it out of the park. They sounded killer and the chap who’s now in the place I was is doing a cracking job. And from the bottom of my heart, I wish the guys all the best for the upcoming shows this year.”