Carcass Has “Maybe Seven Songs, 45 Minutes” Of Music For New Album

Carcass is currently working on the follow up to 2013’s Surgical Steel, and today we have an exciting update from Jeff Walker. In a new interview with Decibel Magazine, Jeff states “All I will tell you is that Dan and Bill have jammed some riffs. I’ve gone to a couple of rehearsals after being underwhelmed, not by the quality of the riffs, but how much of a mountain we had to climb. BELIEVE me I have NO problem with songs like “Heartwork” getting dumped on my feet! It’s all a work in progress, some of the material, maybe seven songs, clock in at 45 mins in total. Am I excited? Not really (poker face), but when am I ever? I’m a realist—the stuff sounds extremely promising—but I know the task in hand it’s gonna take to “realize’ it. I’m not gonna bullshit you and say it’s the “best thing since…” All I can say is I’m involved ‘cause I know after 30 years, we can make a better album than Reek… [laughs].

Read Jeff Walker‘s full interview with Decibel here, and get stoked for new Carcass tunes in 2018!