C.J. McMahon Says Thy Art Is Murder Will Crush All Charts And Expectations

Thy Art Is Murder officially announced the return of C.J. McMahon as their vocalist with a statement from guitarist Andy Marsh, and the release of their brand new ‘No Absolution’ video. After the news broke, C.J. took to his Instagram to explain his situation to the fans, and make a bold statement about their future.

Here’s what he said: “You made me a rockstar, you made me a God, you made me immortal, I owe my fans everything. I made myself a drug addict, I made myself a liar, I made myself lose and destroy friendships, I made my family and friends hurt. I come back to the world a new man whom with my closest friends ( Thy Art Is Murder ) will prove that we are the greatest, strongest, and most powerful force in Metal, I will take no prisoners, we will crush all charts and expectations. We will take over the game and raise the bar so no one will touch it or us. I am Cj McMahon and I will stand as a King with my brothers for the rest of time.