Brutal Assault 2020 Adds Cattle Decapitation, Fever333, Katatonia, Life of Agony and More!

Brutal Assault has added a plethora of new bands for 2020! Among the new bands playing the festival include Cattle Decapitation, Fever333, Katatonia, Life of Agony, Shadow of Intent, Fueled By Fire, Katatonia, Psykup, Mysticum, and Imperial Triumphant. The twenty-fifth edition of Brutal Assault Festival takes place August 5 – 8th at historic Fortress Josefov, in Czech Republic and will feature 130+ bands on five stages over four days. Watch a new trailer for the fest right now!



FB event:

List of confirmed acts so far:

1914, Arcturus, Asphyx, Atari Teenage Riot, Author & Punisher, Beyond Creation, Cattle

Decapitation, Cradle Of Filth, Dark Funeral, Despised Icon, Draconis Infernum, Evoken,

Fever 333, Frontierer, Fueled By Fire, Havok, Hentai Corporation, Imperial Triumphant,

Katatonia, Kvelertak, Life Of Agony, Manes, Mass Infection, Me And That Man, Myrkur,

Mysticum, Necrophobic, Nocturnus Ad, Ottone Pesante, Pensées Nocturnes, Philip H.

Anselmo & The Illegals Performing A Vulgar Display Of Pantera, Psykup, Razor, Ring Of

Saturn, Shadow Of Intent, Sigh, Static–X, Toxic Holocaust, Vader, Venom, While She

Sleeps, Wormrot