Brand of Sacrifice Shares Animated Music Video “Altered Eyes”

Canadian deathcore band Brand of Sacrifice has released “Altered Eyes”, the final new track to be unleashed before the release of their highly anticipated new album, Lifeblood (out March 5th via Blood Blast Distribution). Much like the previous three singles released from ‘Lifeblood’ have collectively clocked up over 2 million global streams, “Altered Eyes” is also a banger! Check out this cool animated video right now!


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The band comments:

“We’re excited to present the last single before Lifeblood drops March 5. “Altered Eyes” is something of a spiritual successor to “Charlotte,” a breakout success from our last album that took off way more than we anticipated. Funnily enough, both come in at track four on their respective album, but it’s more about the vibe; both tracks rock and groove as much as they riff and gut. Speaking of, much like most of Lifeblood, this track is based on Berserk protagonist Guts, in this case the torment he felt watching his love interest lose her sanity amidst hellish abuse. “Altered Eyes” paints that hell with fiery Doom-scapes.


We initially weren’t even planning a video for this track—how could we even dream of measuring up to the epic that is “Animal”? Upon seeing Tony Simone’s work for his own band, Abiotic, we knew we had to do it. The CGI animation puts it in an entirely different realm than what we’ve done with Joey Durango. It’s similarly intense, but lives entirely in its own world and on its own two feet.”

Brand of Sacrifice “Lifeblood” Track Listing

  1. Dawn
  2. Demon King
  3. Animal
  4. Altered Eyes
  5. Prophecy of the Falcon
  6. Perfect World
  7. Mortal Vessel
  8. Foe of the Inhuman
  9. Vengeance
  10. Ruin
  11. Corridor of Dreams
  12. Lifeblood