Karyn Crisis Readies New Book, Plans Signing Events

Gospel of the Witches, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics

Karyn Crisis is a name synonymous with brilliant artistry, be it music, visual arts, poetry, clothing, or really any endeavors she has set out to tackle in her 25 years+ career. Known as much for her musical output with Crisis, Ephel Duath, and The Gospel Of The Witches, she is now bringing her new book Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women: Volume 1 to the masses. Get the details on pre-orders, special merchandise, and a non-traditional book tour which include performances, readings, signings and much more.


You can pre-order the book and get details for the book tour from Karyn’s website

The book is expected to be translated into Italian soon. Here are some of the special pre-order packages being offered, many of them one of a kind. Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women Volume 1 not only documents the information Karyn gathered through the 23 people she interviewed, but it also provides a comprehensive spiritual history of the “Italian Witch” and reveals an important matrilineal living practice supplanted by the patriarchal invasions of pre-pagan times, whose acts of repression still affect the world today.

Karyn has also developed Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women into a Lecture Series with video interview footage, photos, and a brief overview of the enormous body of information her book contains.

Book cover design by Daniel Hamilton Jones, 2017.


Chapter 1: “A Sweeping Herstory:The Hidden Womb of Witchery”

Chapter 2: “Reclaiming Italy’s Witchery from Patriarchy’s Paganism”

Chapter 3: “Categories of Italian Witches”

Chapter 4: “Women of the Mountains of the North West”

Chapter 5: “Curing Traditions of the Ligurian Region’s Silver Valley”

Chapter 6: “The Good Witches of Emilia-Romagna of Central-North and Northeastern Italy”\

Chapter 7: “Il Malocchio”

Chapter 8: “Le Stregone, Le Maghi, Le Guaritori” (The Sorcerers, The Wizards, the Healers)

Chapter 9: “Possession, Channeling, Ecstatic Trance, Exorcism”

Chapter 10: “Caccia Alle Streghe:” (The Witch Hunt )

Chapter 11: “Young Witches in Modern Italy”

Chapter 12: “The Region of Campania”

Chapter 13: “The Importance of the Color Black in Italy’s Witchery”

Chapter 14: “Carlo Napolitano’s Bewitched Triangle of Benevento”

Chapter 15: “Goddesses in Italy”

Chapter 16: “ La Signora del Gioco”

Chapter 17: “ “How the Goddess Became the Devil”

Chapter 18: “Benandanti:: “Guardians of the the Threshold”

Chapter 19: “Magic versus Mediumship”

Chapter 20: “What’s In A name”

Chapter 21: “Conclusion”