Bloodbath And Autopsy To Release A New Split In December

Oh hell yes! Bloodbath and Autopsy will release a new 7″ split on December 15th in celebration of Peaceville‘s 30th anniversary. Bloodbath will share their cover of Cancer‘s “Blood Bath” on this split, while Autopsy will contribute their cover of “Fuck You!!!” by 80’s West Oakland act Bloodbath.

Bloodbath comments, “Most of you would know this already, but for those of you who don’t, it was the title of the first song, on the first album by UK death metallers Cancer, which we originally lifted our band name from. Now with Peaceville celebrating its 30th anniversary, there would be no better token than offering this cover song to glorify the old school, brutal and trashy death metal legacy of Cancer fucking Cancer, once more! And as if it couldn’t get any better, we’ve the honor to split these seven inches with gore legends Autopsy who also bathe in their own blood!

Autopsy adds, “‘Fuck You!!!‘ is a cover song of a cover song….and the only song we’ve ever considered covering. Eric and I loved the version that Danny‘s old band Bloodbath did before we even knew Danny, let alone knowing that he’d end up joining Autopsy. And Danny didn’t even know it was a cover song at the time! Got it? It’s a crazy world and a crazy song. It’s also a cool tribute to Dane Petersen (R.I.P.), the original Bloodbath vocalist. We feel we gave it the treatment it deserved….now it’s up to you to crank it up and hold those middle fingers high!

You can pre-order the Bloodbath/Autopsy split here.