Blind Idiot God Releasing Before Ever After

blind idiot cd

Blind Idiot God (BIG) will release their new album Before Ever After in early 2015 via Indivisible Music. The record was co-produced by Bill Laswell. The gatefold double-vinyl LP artwork was created by noted artist Seldon Hunt (Neurosis, Earth, Melvins, Sunn).

Blind Idiot God is Andy Hawkins on guitar and Tim Wyskida (Khanate) on drums. Gabe Katz, the band’s original bass player is featured on the album but moving forward Will Dahl is the band’s new bass player live and in the studio. Touring in support of the new album is planned for 2015.

Hawkins says:

“Moving from the studio to the stage is always great. The music opens up dynamically, both performance wise and sonically. The human ear has a much greater dynamic range than any recorded medium and we excel at taking full advantage of that fact.”

Before Ever After tracklisting
01. Twenty Four Hour Dawn
02. Night Driver
03. Antiquity
04. Earthmover
05. FUB
06. Barrage
07. High and Mighty
08. Voice of the Structure
09. Under the Weight
10. Ramshackle
11. Wheels of Progress
12. Strung
13. Shutdown