BillyBio Shares Animated Teaser, New Album By Biohazard Legend Due Soon

BillyBio, the new project of Billy Graziadei of Biohazard, Powerflo and Suicide City fame is dropping his debut solo album on November 30th via AFM Records. The album is called Feed the Fire and you can watch an animated teaser for it right now!

The official music video for the first single from Feed the Fire, “Freedoms Never Free”, will make its online debut later in the month, just in time for BillyBio’s new tour with fellow New Yorkers Life Of Agony in Europe.

Billy states: “I’ve always wanted to do a solo release and the timing of everything that I have been working on just seemed to fall in place.

“I always let the creative juices flow, I don’t try and restrict them to fit a certain genre.

“With BILLYBIO, it’s 100% me. No influence from anyone else. This is who I am and what I’ve become. I’m a product of everyone I’ve met, talked with, shared my stories with… and a bit of their stories as well.

“Anyone who’s a fan of what I’ve done, especially with BIOHAZARD, will love this! There’s something there for every fan of heavy underground music!

“I’m psyched to release my new music this fall as BILLYBIO. Launching the band in Europe on tour with my family in LIFE OF AGONY couldn’t get any better!”

According to Billy, “Feed The Fire” is “heavy, fast, groovy and full of energy. I couldn’t have it any other way,” he says. “It’s full of my roots but modern.”

Producer Tue Madsen, who worked on Feed the Fire, agrees. “When I was brought in to mix this record, it was with big expectations, and boy, were they met,” he says. “These songs keep the energy level so high and have so much to say. Great deliverance, great songwriting and now me mixing the whole thing. I couldn’t be happier.”

Photo credit: Melissa Hummel