Beartooth Has Earned 1.3 Billion Global Streams


Wild times for Metalcore leaders Beartooth, as the Gold-selling rock band has earned 1.3 billion global streams across platforms and their catalog. The band, signed to Red Bull Records, recently released their new single and video “Riptide” which you can check out below. Catch the band in a few weeks at Aftershock Sacramento! See below for the breakdown of the band’s streaming success!



Beartooth Streams By Service:


Spotify: 669,258,554

YouTube: 173,943,613

Apple Music: 139,101,999

Pandora: 75,500,000

Google Play: 24,240,000

Amazon Music: 35,080,000

Deezer: 11,330,000

Soundcloud: 444,920


TOTAL: 1,128,955,473