Batushka Lineup Fractures, Future Of The Band Is Uncertain

In some baffling news to start the year, it appears that members of rising kvlt Extreme Metal band Batushka have attempted to fire each other, casting a cloud over their immediate future. In late December 2018, multi-instrumentalist and founder Христофор made an official Instagram post claiming that vocalist Варфоломей was out of the band. Not long after, Варфоломей made an official Facebook post claiming that Христофор was out of the band. Now it appears that the faction with Христофор has filed for a trademark for the band, hired new members to make a new album, and seized control of most of social media channels of the band. Watch a video below with details. The band is due to record the follow up to their stunning 2015 album Litourgia. We will keep following this story as it develops.