BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon on Why Video is King

There’s a lot of you out there in bands who are not creating nearly enough video content. In fact, many of you band folks aren’t creating video content at all – and that’s a huge problem. I wanted to use this article as a quick look into why video content matters, the types of video content you can create, how to create it and of course what you can do to monetize it. If you have these core elements in mind then I think it will rapidly all fall together for you to be able to push your brand to the next level, get more fans and open more doors for your band. I mean just look at my #baconsbits video series on Instagram – video opens all manner of doors.


4. Why Does Video Matter?

Video matters because it’s what people are spending a ton of time-consuming and what seems to be performing best on social media. It’s an easy way to educate your fans about your band and music. It’s insane how many videos people consume, but we are at a point where there are two rapidly growing social media platforms that are video exclusive, Tik-Tok, and Triller – clearly people are into watching stuff. By creating video content you are getting higher engagement for longer which means that you are getting a deeper connection with your fans and with more fans. This is essential as you get out there and try to build brand – obviously you want the most dedicated fans possible? Well, video empowers you to do that.

3. What Type Of Videos Should I Be Creating?

There are a ton of types of videos you can be creating, but as with Insta photos, it’s usually best to use videos that have humans in them. This is a surefire way to boost your engagement. Otherwise, I encourage bands to subscribe to a philosophy of ‘document don’t create.’ That is to say – film a rehearsal clip, show yourselves loading in, do a video like Lindsay Schoolcraft did where you pick apart your merch. This stuff is crucial if you want to be opening doors and letting fans understand what you’re all about. I also like doing video updates for your fans as well as instructional videos for how to play your songs. These are all just ways that you can let people behind the curtain and help them to see just what makes you so special and why they should be following. The real key is more to be consistent in your content creation than anything else. Through consistency your videos will get better, more people will see them and your band will meaningfully grow.

2. How Do I Create Video Content?

It’s simple – start filming! I know that sounds smarmy but that’s all it is. I also know how awkward it can be your first few times in front of the camera. It’s scary! The thing is that it gets much easier with time – but it does take time. You need to force yourself to go in front of the camera and just go for it. Document and show people what’s up. Don’t be intimidated by people who have fancy rigs. I literally filmed all the most viewed interviews of Hellfest 2019 on my mid-range cell phone – you can do the same. People put a lot of pressure on themselves to make the perfect video – but I tell you you don’t need to worry about this guys – just go for it!

1. How Do I Monetize This?

Ah, the big one, money, money, money. Paths to monetization are tricky since it’s often unlikely that you are going to get to a point where your YouTube monetization will be anything meaningful. What I recommend is creating videos around the content you are trying to sell, put a call to action reminding people where they can buy and that will start to help open doors. Moreover, it’s in the long term building a brand that people are going to start paying attention to you. I’m not going to lie – videos you make won’t make you money right away, however, if they are honest, real and consistent then people are going to start to watch – and that will lead to meaningful growth!


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