BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon on “The Casual Live”

So going forward I think we are going to start to see a whole new take on Facebook lives. There are a lot of interesting things happening in this space but I think that the lives that really clean up are going to start shifting. I think we are about to see the rise of the ‘casual live’.

After we pick apart what the casual live looks like I then want to take a minute to talk about why it works then of course break down how you can do it. Once you start to remove some of the stress and stigma from doing a live, I think it becomes a much more accessible and fun experience for everyone!



3. What Is A ‘Casual Live’?

The casual live is one where you don’t do a live stream of a full-on concert. Instead, you focus on the simple beauty of anything from writing a song and rehearsing it to building out a studio. Maybe you live stream your practicing and your exercises. Trevor from Haunt might be an obvious example here, but my friend Francis of the band Old Man Wizard also has been doing this to huge acclaim.

Beyond that, I think that there are people seeing success with lives for things like talking about music or just doing a Q&A about their band. Basically a casual live is anything that’s stripped-down, DIY, and more about letting people into your life behind the scenes.

2. Why Does It Work?

It works because people are bored and they are always interested in getting a slice of life from other people. Think about how many stupid Instagram stories you look at every day. Yeah, I thought so. Usually, they are of people and places you don’t care about. All of us do it. That’s the thing.

People are just curious how live content is prioritized in the algorithm. What it means is that maybe someone doesn’t watch all of your live but they check-in for two minutes and they feel a bit closer to your band. They see your name one extra time which just pushes your brand through that extra 0.4%. That’s all that matters!

1. How Do You Do One?

Well, it’s simple as thinking of something cool your band does and then just deciding to show it to people. It’s really just a question of turning on the camera and then letting the magic happen. Overthinking it is just going to take away a certain amount of the authenticity you were trying to create.

Realize that ultimately the beauty of the casual lives comes when you are simply making a point of letting people in through the keyhole. It is not about the flex, or showing how great you are. It’s about making sure that the people around you feel connected to the process.

Just take a moment and see what happens. They are easy, inspire curiosity, foster a connection to your band, and really give a sense of friendship between the artist and fan. If it lets you cultivate a relationship for free… why not give it a shot?



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