BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon on Massive Action

So the real secret to growth in the music industry is relatively simple. It doesn’t involve any sort of special chicanery. It doesn’t even require you to be some sort of super genius, Lord only knows that I’m not one. What it relies on is the continued application of effort over time.


I genuinely believe that anyone can have massive success if they read like… five books (These can vary by industry, but email me, and I will recommend some) and work their face-off. But ultimately music industry success boils down to massive action, then fueling that into networking and content output. Let’s dig in.

3. What Is Massive Action?
So this is fundamentally the thing people don’t understand. Growing in music is not easy nor is it meant to be nor was it ever easy. Watch interviews with Quincy Jones. That dude was fucking insane. Look at how hardcore bands did. They fucking went for it. You need to do the same.

Now you might be saying ‘Oh well no one wants to book me’ or ‘Oh well I don’t have any connections’. Well, guess what – you need to be fucking applying yourself every day as much as possible as hard as possible, it’s not a question of being smart, just driving towards success.

2. How Does This Apply To Networking?
If your band isn’t constantly out there meeting people online or in-person you won’t get ahead. This is doubly the case during coronavirus. I have been making more strong connections than ever before thanks to this! People aren’t as busy and can answer my emails. They will talk to you and grow with you.

Hell – this even applies, perhaps even more so for just getting to know your average dudes in the scene. So many people view this as a sort of big complicated thing – but it isn’t. What it comes down too is are you out there talking to people? Yes or no? If you aren’t then you are messing up. If you are – then you’re gonna get somewhere.

1. What Does It Mean For Content Creation?
My favorite example of someone who gets content creation is Trevor from Haunt. The dude cranks out albums so often it’s a meme. That’s the beauty of what he does, his work ethic has helped to define him and set him apart as a veritable titan in the scene. He just keeps putting stuff out, he understands the concept of massive outreach.

If your band is not taking massive action by creating a ton of records and new material then you have nothing to push. Nobody wants to hear an album that is more than two or three years old these days and yet so often people are pushing records for much more than that. This goes beyond that though – make a million social media posts, write blog posts a bunch of places to get your name out there, do guest spots on peoples records, anything to show you are trying to go further than the other guy.

I know this sounds intimidating, and it is. The thing is though when you take massive action you dominate your market, you’re no longer just competing in it. I know that sounds corny, but this is what you need to do. If you can continually push then it will work out. It’s the only surefire way to grow I know.


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