BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon on Getting Over 10K Followers on Instagram

So I’m zeroing in on 10,000 Instagram followers. It’s an exciting moment in my life as this has been a goal I’ve been working on for several years no wand which I’ve poured several hours a day into every day. So I wanted to break down getting over the hump and what I’m doing to reach the next level


There are a few keys if you’re trying to reach a goal on your Instagram. This is of course not an easy thing but to break down what’s going over the hump I’m prioritizing three things. These are engagement, consistency, and of course, collaborating with others to create and share content that will get me over the hump.

3. Engagement

These past few months as I’ve zeroed in on 10,000 followers I’ve been leaving at least 100 Instagram comments a day. What I do is find 10 hashtags relevant to me then drop comments on the 10 most recent. Every day.

What this has done has hyper-charged growth on my page. On top of that, I spend a lot of time commenting just on people I see in my feed, hearting posts, and making a serious attempt to shoutout my peers and lift them up as I get closer to this big achievement.

2. Consistency

A big part of what has made this whole thing possible is the fact that I’m going at it consistently. I think that a lot of the time people are not keeping up on engaging with the site regularly and this of course means that they don’t grow as quickly.

I’m not saying that you need to post every day, but if you want to grow in a way that is scalable and happens a lot more quickly. You need to be out there pushing regularly if you want to see things actually come out of this. If you don’t spend the time it won’t pay off as quickly. It’s really that simple.

1. Collaborating

This is the final key. Finding people I can collaborate with who will share my content and whose content I can share back. This is part of where engaging and consistency really pay off. People know who I am because I have been talking to them and commenting on their stuff.

What this means is that if I hit them up to feature me on a post or a story they will. What it means is that if I can come up with something that generates value for their followers they will want to share it. You need to make a point of finding people who you can share content with and work with. This is key.

There are ways to get over the 10k mark but it takes a lot of work. You need to be engaging at scale and regularly. Once you have this consistency and show that you can create something cool to engage with others then they are going to talk about you and you all can grow.


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Matt Bacon is a consultant, A&R man, and journalist specializing in the world of heavy metal. Having worked with everyone from Glam Rock icon Phil Collen of Def Leppard, to post Black Metal titans Alcest, by way of legendary thrashers Exhorder as well as labels including Prophecy Productions and Ripple Music, he has dedicated his life to helping young bands develop. Having started his own blog at the age of 14 he views his career in artist development as ‘a hobby that got out of hand’. In 2015 he formed Dropout Media in order to better support the artists he loves. We sit here now, years later with countless tours booked, records released and deals signed, and loving every minute of it.

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