BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon’s 3 Reasons You Need to Be on Twitter

What if there was a social media site that didn’t make you worry as much about formatting, that let you talk to your heroes directly and which let you post as much as you want whenever you want? What if I told you this same site has a user base that is particularly united just because they are on that social media platform? You’d think that was too good to be true right?

Well, it’s not – because that’s what Twitter is. When it comes down to it, Twitter is an incredibly valuable tool for bands, but admittedly, one that needed time to win me over. The thing is you need to be on Twitter with your band because it’s the world’s group chat, it allows you to test content and it removes barriers! Let’s break that down.

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3. Twitter Is The Worlds Group Chat

I didn’t really understand Twitter until I understood this. Twitter is just a group chat for everyone in the world. You can filter it based on your friends or interests to be sure, but this is essentially what they are trying to accomplish. Anyone can say anything and then you can go in and reply to it. It gives you a chance to engage as never before.

The beauty of treating Twitter like a group chat means you start to grasp its internal logic. Twitter, like a group chat, frequently awards those who contribute the most to the discussion. Those who rarely speak or who only babble inanely tend to not actually get anywhere.

2. Twitter Let’s You Test Content!

Unlike other social media platforms with complicated algorithms, Twitter’s algorithm is relatively simple. All that you have to do is create stuff people want to interact with. You don’t need to worry as much about optimizing. Why? Because everything on Twitter gets shown to your followers no matter how much you post.

This means that if a piece of content does well on Twitter then you can adapt it for other platforms. The fact that Twitter doesn’t penalize you for having bad content and can let a random tweet from someone with only a few followers go viral means that it is the perfect petri dish to experiment with content with.

1. It Removes Barriers!

More than on perhaps any other social platform Twitter is about removing barriers. This is what makes it so cool. You can get a like from Ice T or a follow from the singer of Stryper. If you think Nelson George is cool you can tell him that and he will reply to you! It’s a great place to connect!

A huge part of this is because Twitter is very small relative to other platforms meaning that there is a larger sense of unity. I feel like friendships that start on Twitter last longer because it is both a group chat and a much smaller sphere. This makes it a lot easier to meet new people and then start to build with them – that simple.

In conclusion, Twitter is a really special place, a unique platform that offers a lot of opportunities to its users. More than almost any other place on the internet Twitter will let you engage directly with thousands of people, test your material, and remove barriers. What are you waiting for?



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