Austin Carlile Quits Of Mice And Men Citing Health Issues

Of Mice and Men, by Trebmal Photography

Sad news to report as we wind down the year. Singer Austin Carlile has released a statemen, announcing his exit from Of Mice And Men due to further heath issues resulting from his life-threatening battle with Marfan Syndrome. He has moved to Costa Rica and is plotting the next move in his career. The band plans to continue without him. Read his statement below:

Austin’s partial statement from his Instagram account:

These three tears in my spine, plus a fourth that occurred a year prior, were signs that I was absolutely not able to scream anymore. My team advised me that if I continued to do so, it would cause permanent and irrevocable damage to my spinal cord and nervous system. After learning this, I realized that I had to step away from Of Mice & Men, no longer able to scream most of our old material, or continue to scream on anything new. I cannot continue on.”

This has been the hardest thing that has happened in my life for a very long time, but thankfully the band, my family and closest friends stand behind me and understand,” the singer continues. “The have all seen personally how much pain I had to endure and especially the last two years as my spine was tearing apart, but I kept going, I gave it my all, and cannot express this enough.”

I am still able to sing,” And I’m hungry for what is next to come even though I have no idea what that may be. I feel God placed me at this crossroads for a reason, and with the closing of one door, another will open.”

My last ever post while in Of Mice and Men… had to keep this in 2016 xo

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With Of Mice And Men, Carlile released Cold World in September via Rise Records, to wide acclaim.