Audio: Whores. Releases Mental Illness As A Mating Ritual From Gold


Whores. will be releasing Gold on October 28th via Entertainment One (eOne), and they just unleashed the third single from the upcoming record. They’ve already shared with us the amazing ‘Playing Poor’ and ‘Baby Teeth’ tracks, and thanks to, you can hear ‘Mental Illness As A Mating Ritual’ below. Here’s what Christian Lembach had to say about the latest single: “’Mental Illness As Mating Ritual’ is a super personal song.It’s sort of about four different things: parallel universes, health care, circuses and laundry. Everyone experiences suffering at some point, and some people hurt so much and for so long that a healthy and fulfilling life can feel like it’s make-believe.

Blast the killer new song from the noisy Southern rockers into your ear holes right now, and do your life a favor by pre-ordering Gold now!