Audio: Terror Releases Other Worlds Featuring Mad Joe Black of Wisdom In Chains


Flatspot Records will be releasing The Extermination Vol. 3 on November 11th, and their latest compilation features brand new tracks from Terror, Countdown, Disgrace, Manipulate, Piece By Piece, Higher Power and many more. They’ve just released the crushing new track from Terror, that features a guest spot from Mad Joe Black of Wisdom In Chains, and you can blast ‘Other Worlds’ below! If you dig what your’e hearing, pre-order The Extermination Vol. 3 compilation today!

The Extermination Vol. 3 track listing:
1. Terror, “Other Worlds”
2. Countdown, “Average Man”
3. Disgrace, “Hunt / Reprise”
4. Manipulate, “Shadow Walker”
5. Piece by Piece, “Hating You”
6. Take Offense, “Enter the Center”
7. Higher Power, “World Gone Mad”
8. Friend or Foe, “Invincible”
9. D.C. Disorder, “Naive to a World”