Audio: Protest The Hero Releases Harbinger From Pacific Myth


Protest The Hero recently announced that they would be releasing Pacific Myth on November 18th via Razor & Tie. The songs were previously recorded and released solely for members of the band’s Pacific Myth subscription platform, but are now being packaged together physically for the first time. The individually released tracks have been fully remixed and remastered to create the cohesive sound of Pacific Myth, and we get our first taste of the material today. Enjoy their ‘Harbinger’ single below!

Here’s what the band had to add on Pacific Myth: “‘Pacific Myth‘ was purely an experiment. Normally, we take as much time as we need to write records – lots of which is spent procrastinating. With ‘Pacific Myth‘, we didn’t have that luxury – we promised to release 1 song per month on the 15th of each month for 6 months running. What we discovered in writing these tunes was the fact that strict deadlines (even if self-imposed) do not allow for over-thinking – something we are incredibly guilty of on our four existing full length albums. Surprisingly, the constricting time frame lead to some risks in writing we wouldn’t have normally taken – or at least some risks we would normally have had the time to identify as “too risky” and then re-worked until we felt safe again. For this reason, it’s a totally “go-with-your-gut” record and one we are extremely proud of.

Pacific Myth track listing:
01 – “Tidal”
02 – “Ragged Tooth”
03 – “Cold Water”
04 – “Cataract”
05 – “Harbinger”
06 – “Caravan”
07 – “Tidal” (instrumental)
08 – “Ragged Tooth” (instrumental)
09 – “Cold Water” (instrumental)
10 – “Cataract” (instrumental)
11 – “Harbinger” (instrumental)
12 – “Caravan” (instrumental)

Pre-order your copy of Pacific Myth today!