Audio: Enslaved Releases Heimvegen From The Sleeping Gods – Thorn Compilation


Enslaved is celebrating their 25th anniversary with historic shows all over the world later this year, but that’s not all. The Norwegian extreme metallers recently announced that they will be releasing ‘The Sleeping Gods – Thorn‘ compilation on November 11th via By Norse Music. As the press release states, “The seven tracks comprising The Sleeping Gods – Thorn originally appeared on extremely limited EPs between Enslaved’s Axioma Ethica Odini and Riitiir full-lengths,” and now they are finally being released together as a package. Today they’ve shared the ‘Heimvegen’ single from the upcoming release, and you can hear it below. The compilation will be limited to 250 blue vinyl (webshop edition), but also available on Black vinyl, Digipak CD or Digital, and will include an exclusive insight into the history of the recorded material by Grutle Kjellson as well. Pre-orders are now available, so after you listen to the ‘Heimvegen’ single, reserve your copy today!