Bedwetter Streaming Debut EP, Releasing Next Week

Paul Catten and Mark Seddon, heard from last earlier in 2017 with the crushing new Barrabus album, have returned to expand earholes again with their new Bedwetter project. The duo are streaming their debut EP, releasing September 11th via Future Noise Records, right now.


Available as an 11 track limited edition 7”, it will also be available in digital format at a later date. Pre-orders are live now as well, at this link:

Finding a common ground with underground and avant-guard artists akin to Naked City, Fantomas, and Boredoms to name a few, the band promises heaviness and weirdness in equal measures.

Catten commented that Bedwetter.. “leaves the listener to make up their own minds as to what the words should be”. You can be sure that this slab of plastic will leave its listeners either overjoyed or completely dumbfounded, but then again, any musical project these two have had a hand in creating usually does!

Bedwetter are:

Catten – Vocals/Drums/Electronics

Seddon – Bass

Bedwetter EP track list

Even When I’m Dead (I’ll Still Hate You)

God Obscene

(All I Think About Is) Killing Myself and Sex

My Darling Prescription

No-one To Blame But Myself

Parasites, Vermin and Other Close Friends

You Don’t Remember Me Do You?

A Once Fond Memory (Is Now A Rotting Corpse)

From The Bottom Of My Heart

A Face That Launched A Thousand Shits

Wet Bed Shame