Arrival Of Autumn Books March Show, Streaming Shadows In Entirety

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Arrival Of Autumn has booked an upcoming show.

Mar 13: The Zoo @ The University – Lethbridge, AB (w/ Eye Of Horus, Naraka, etc)

A band name inspired by Opeth lyrics (thanks to drummer Ty Fox) and influenced by various genres ranging from melodic death to groove metal to progressive to rock n’ roll, AOA’s catalogue has grown rapidly with two self-releases in 2014. First it was their debut EP Endless Nights in March followed by their ten track full length Shadows in September.

Touching on personal issues to triumphing demons as a band, ‘Shadows’ with a dash of dark lyrics and tracks such as “The Court Of Owls” to “There’s No Angels Here” to the infectious chorus of “Like Fire” demonstrates AOA are not just evolving, but are a live force raging to be discovered by the masses.

Stream their latest album Shadows here.

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Track Listing – Shadows
1. DanmnedNation (3:08)
2. Selfish Sanity (4:25)
3. Labryinth (4:21)
4. Forget Me Now (3:32)
5. Endless Nights (4:19)
6. Like Fire (3:22)
7. The Court Of Owls (4:10)
8. Shadows (5:01)
9. There’s No Angels Here (3:57)
10. Fall In Ashes (4:28)

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