ALBUM REVIEW: Creeping Death – Wretched Illusions

Call me a Democrat candidate because I’m about to shamelessly pander to the youth; Creeping Death‘s Wretched Illusions (eOne) fucks. I think I typed that out correctly. That’s the saying, right, fellow kids? All that nonsense aside, know that Creeping Death is here and much like their Texan brethren in Power Trip, they’ve packed all the riffs and mosh parts that a growing boy needs from their metal.

With Power Trip’s recent rise to more prominence, the naysayers were quick to dismay their sound as rehashing Crossover or borrowing Metallica licks. Those folks can go play in traffic, but before so they’ll raise a similar flag for Creeping Death only that this time the claim will be that they’re biting Entombed and their chainsaw tone. They pay homage to that vintage Scandinavian Death Metal tone, but it’s like yelling at Killswitch Engage for trying to be At the Gates or berating Korn for their love of Primus and Faith No More.

What you will learn about Wretched Illusions is that it’s a metal guitarist’s wet dream that’ll also function as a Hardcore kid’s workout routine. Check out the sneaky Slayer dive bombs and Andreas Kisser leads on ‘Ripping Through Flesh’ and ‘Bloodlust Contamination’ and tell me you’re not ready to walk over hot coals and put your right hand through seven sheets of drywall. ‘Sinner’s Touch’ sticks primarily to the Swedish death formula but then hits you with a fancy cheese platter worth of Thrash riffs and double bass to make sure you’re still paying attention.

And not be left behind in the dust cloud of guitar parts and just general savagery, drummer Lincoln Mullins (who is solid throughout Wretched Illusions) makes sure to leave lasting scars on ‘Peeled from Reality’ with relentless fills, blast beats, and his educated feet.

Hold on for dear life, kids, Creeping Death is taking you on a savage journey to the heart of the mosh pit.

9 / 10