ALBUM REVIEW: Wormrot – Hiss


It has been a very long six years, but finally, the world is graced with a new record from Singapore grindcore legends, Wormrot! Entitled Hiss and released once again through Earache (though with no #MakeEaracheGrindAgain this time – Reviews Ed), the three-piece absolutely shreds through twenty-one tracks of aggression that made the wait well worth it.

Long-time Wormrot fans do not need to worry about this one as they continue to do what they do best, with only some experimentation peppered in so as to not feel like a copy/paste of previous releases.


‘Behind Closed Doors’ was the first track released to the world to get everyone geared up for the release of Hiss of which I believe was a great choice. Guitarist Rasyid was quoted by Sonic Perspectives on the track “This is our fight song. No nonsense. Hit hard.” This quote really says it all and having it placed in the first few tracks really keeps the intensity up throughout the rest of the songs. The appropriately titled ‘When Talking Fails, It’s Time for Violence’ is a minute and a quarter of audible frustrations over the state of the entire world. In the second half of this blistering track, Wormrot goes full on punk with gang vocals and d-beat drumming to get all listeners in unison to stand up and fight. Perhaps my favorite on the album, ‘Sea of Disease’, really stands out from the rest as the first minute or so of the two-minute track is the guitar riffs painting a scene of melancholy and death, something our world seems to get closer to with every passing day. Of course, the typical grindcore sound comes back into play to wrap this song up.

With any release from Wormrot, I immediately get excited with anticipation and once again my expectations have been not only met, but exceeded. Hiss, while being another extraordinary release from this trio, unfortunately it does bring about some bummer news. Longtime vocalist, Arif, is retiring from the band as he focuses on his duties to his family. He will certainly be missed given his abilities as a vocalist and a tremendous front man who gave his all every show, every night. With that said, he gave his blessing to the remaining members to continue forward.


With the road laid down previously by Arif, I see only a bright future for what is to come for this legendary grindcore band.


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9 / 10