ALBUM REVIEW: Tzompantli – Tlazcaltiliztil

I love it when something new and different comes down the pipeline. Tlazcaltiliztil (20 Buck Spin), the new offering from Tzompantli brings much to the proverbial table. To start off I really dig the tribal vibe. Their approach blends some killer death metal and doom with awesome ambiance and tasty instrumentation.

I think the listeners will appreciate where they come from artistically, and his new cut is steeped in the primal. The album comes off as a ceremony, well to me at least. I could throw this on and let it play through, letting it take me on a musical journey to a place I have never been.

With detuned guitars and guttural vocals, it creates a sense of danger with every twist and turn, heavy and scary. I especially liked some of the traditional instruments being utilized. It gives them something that sets them apart from the norm.

If you are a fan of doom and death you will not be disappointed with this one. I love it when bands bring their culture and influence into the songwriting process with them. It definitely gives them their own identity.

I definitely look forward to hearing more from Tzompantli.

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8 / 10