Tomb Mold – Planetary Clairvoyance

Toronto’s Death Metal legion Tomb Mold relentlessly unleash their third album Planetary Clairvoyance (20 Buck Spin), fulfilling a newly refined sound of core driving riffs that is nothing short of ear candy. To those who have followed this myriad of ethical mercenaries, the growth of this band is no secret, beginning as a partial pieced band that had a goal of releasing new material and not being stagnant, it was only a matter of time before they became the berserk beasts they are today.

We begin this complex labyrinthine with mesmerizing guitars that transition from heavy grooves into clean acoustical melodies, aggressively expressed through ‘Beg for Life’, combined with well-executed lyrics that unify the brutality, “Hear the vibration of your bones as they break”. The band has a clearly defined sound, blistering and revolving chord progressions that keep the listener entangled in their well-embedded roots of Death Metal, which can be heard throughout the entire record. Roots of Suffocation and Death are easily found through its entirety. Tomb Mold gives us a true understanding of merciless with their album title track ‘Planetary Clairvoyance’, although this song is straighter forward than the lot, you can be assured it’s a solid representation of their album and discography to date. Emerging from the aftermath of two ruthless tracks comes ‘Phosphorene Ultimate’, an eerie spire of cognitive intonation. Significant enough, this spectral realm merges and ties this dissonant collection together. After this breath of necessary, well-thought discord, we are gifted three vehemently savage songs, ‘Infinite Resurrection’, ‘Accelerative Phenomenae’, and ‘Cerulean Salvation’ that undoubtedly delivers their consistent committed sound of a fresh sound on Death Metal.

Their final track ‘Heat Death’ ends us with a true headbanger, we’re greeted with an intense melody followed by a well-composed solo that drives us into a void of sludgy guitars and atmospheric heaviness, dispersing with their alien-like themed synth. If you haven’t checked out their previous releases Manor Of Infinite Forms 2018 and Primordial Malignity 2017, do yourself a favor, you are missing out.