The Wild Things – You’re Really Something

Projects led by famed individuals can be a tricky situation. Some actors turned musicians have excelled with their additional ventures like Jared Leto and Steve Martin. But when it comes to releasing a debut by already known participants, playing it safe can be a downfall.

London-based, The Wild Things, consist of actress Sydney Rae White (Young Dracula) her husband and fellow actor Rob Kendrick, brother Cameron White and Pete Wheeler. Inspired by love, loss and anger, the foursome want to embrace alternative Pop Rock with their 12-track debut album You’re Really Something (AWAL).

Instrumentally, it’s definitely pleasing with some good instances you will find yourself swaying to. The horns in ‘F.I.A’ are a nice touch, while ‘Loaded Gun’ and the title track are executed with class and delivered in a straight up modern alternative rock style, reminiscent of the more poppy Paramore tunes with a really catchy chorus. ‘I Think You Can Do Better’ highlights grunge melodies and the punchy beats give the album hope. ‘Devils Witness’ is rough around the edges with splashes of Indie and stomping vibes that are intriguing, but lyrically there is little by way of any depth, indeed, throughout the album is full of clichés and mushy moments.

Ultimately, this debut album falls short, with a structure that doesn’t help it from coming across as mundane – two acoustic tracks ‘Waterfall’ and ‘Better Off Alone’ are placed after ‘Tell Me Why’, the debut single irritating in the way Sydney Rae asks the damning question. Her yearning throughout the song is irking and her lack of emotion is evident.

It is a heartbreak album nevertheless, and the album has a few good hits but fails to really represent something. The love is static, the loss is real and the anger is missing. There’s no personality to really tell the tale that The Wild Things want to convey. It’s basic alternative pop that will get buried with the end of the year releases.

A debut album that could make an impact despite simplicity, The Wild Things don’t really reel in a listener on this. The band really embraces on heartbreak and love and all the boring parts of it. Recorded in the basement of a castle in West London it should have been brought into the light for a better chance at life.

6 / 10