The Very Very Danger – Witness The Legitness

Ian Clement (Wallace Vanborn) and Michele De Feudis (formerly of Horses On Fire) have put their raw talent and imagination to deliver the outrageously fun, The Very Very Danger. Transforming into their own superheroes—Kitty taming the synths, Bunny behind the drums and Bear chugging away on the bass—they bring you Witness The Legitness (9000 Records/Consouling Sounds)

You can call this power-Pop or synth-Grunge but as the band claims they hail from another dimension, it’s the soundtrack to another world. ‘G.G. Afk Noob’ starts off heavy with its progressive melody and surprisingly good vocals. It’s darker than expected. ‘Lite My Litah’ is a hoot—with fun harmonies that groove together that transcends into this cool party anthem.

The title track is the token doom-Pop track that starts off with isolated vocals but it’s the chorus that makes the track stand out. It’s catchy and the influence from working with producer Chris Goss (Queens Of The Stone Age) is evident.

‘R.O.Y.D.’ will have you bobbing to its melody and like ‘The Meme Team’ they follow the same direction with the same energy. Unfortunately, this song is not about the humorous images we all love but rather as the lyrics imply “dreaming about a brand new meme for the meme theme”.

‘Tesla Spoil’ and its grunge approach is consistent until the breakdown where the synths deliver on a majestic sonic wave. With its howling vocals, ‘Tipi’ grooves its way into closer ‘Watashi To Kite.’ The closer is electrifying and the pounding drums in the bridge that align well with a gritty riff, end the record in the same doom realm it started with.

This band is for the stoners, the non-believers or those who just want to have a good time. The Very Very Danger deliver a record that is too legit to quit.

8 / 10