The Sword – Low Country


Today, we’re revisiting our friends in The Sword with their latest release Low Country (Razor & Tie), the acoustic counterpart to 2015’s High Country.

‘Seriously Mysterious’ has us looking back at a favorite of mine. It’s catchy, but less so than the original. The absence of groove detracts from its impact and prevents it from becoming an ear worm like the original was for me. While both versions are good, this is a case where the original holds up better than the acoustic take.

Last time, I named ‘Buzzards’ one of my favorite selections off of High Country and I’m saying the same thing this time around too. Compared to the original, this version scores points on the Spooky Scale with its sinister sound that includes the barest hint of an 80s edge. I enjoy both renditions and it’s pretty interesting to hear different takes on the same song.

I was mostly neutral about High Country’s ‘Bees of the Spring’ apart from the great music. However, I really enjoyed the Low Country version. It has an almost dreamlike quality to it and the vocals aren’t completely overshadowed by the music. This combination fits better.

I’m not usually a huge fan of anything acoustic or that isn’t loud and obnoxious, but I found myself enjoying Low Country more than I had anticipated. To be honest, I like it a bit more than High Country. The songs feel more connected to one another which allows them to form a cohesive unit when looking at the album as a whole. Give this album a shot, even if you’re like me and aren’t usually interested in acoustic numbers. With its new face, you might surprise yourself.