The Royal – Deathwatch

It is not too often where I find new metallic Hardcore that gets me paying attention as quickly as the latest release from this group from the Netherlands known as The Royal. Their latest album entitled Deathwatch (Long Branch Records) is a mix of all the fun things you like about Metal, complete with breakdowns with a Hardcore Punk vocalist. There is also a nice atmospheric touch to some tracks, just to add that bit of spice as needed to keep the listener’s attention.

The opening track ‘Pariah’ sets the pace in the best way possible to start Deathwatch. While the keyboard and atmospheric elements are more prominent in other tracks, this one lets you know what The Royal are all about from a foundational level. ‘Deathwatch’ carries on this same foundation, as do most of the tracks outside of some deviations, this track has maybe the most use of the keyboards and atmospheric elements. The breakdown that has coinciding keyboard parts in the middle of the song really stuck well with me after each run through the record. ‘Glitch’ is the perfect way to end this collection of killer tracks. The atmosphere is maxed out all over this track and during the thunderous outro that really brings this ride full circle.

This being my first bit of The Royal, Deathwatch surely started things off with a strong first impression. The production being spot on was a big win for sure, but the transitions within tracks and when to sprinkle in the atmosphere so not to overdo it really won it for me. If this is just a sample of things to come then I am certainly on this bandwagon.

7 / 10