The Interbeing – Among the Amorphous

To be fair, I love Copenhagen and everything about it. When I grow up, I want to retire there. It’s that boss level. So I’m well chuffed to present The Interbeing and their second album Among the Amorphous (Longbranch) It’s bitchin’ on a whole ‘nother level! No lie. Among the Amorphous is industrial metal. It’s brutal and loud and oh so deliciously heavy. You can’t help but headband while you listen to it.

For those not acquainted, The Interbeing is Jacob Hansen on bass, Boas Segel on guitars and programming, Dara Corcoran killing it on vocals, Torben Pedersen on guitars and vocals, and Kristoffer Egefelt on drums. This is a powerhouse line up. This team knows how to put music and lyrics together. It’s like they took the ‘Tannhauser’ method and amped it up to 11. I’m thinking this band is supreme live. The energy that Among the Amorphous effuses is addictive.

There IS a concept behind all the wicked groovy music and lyrics; “The Interbeing awakens in the dark of the obscure and is drawn into the world of the amorphous. He is summoned by his creators who wish to purify him. He recalls his past and is torn between the strain of his makers and his own individuality. After facing the formless and being purged The Interbeing rebels and discovers that he has become something unexpected and unlike his founders. With his singularity he forms his own fate among the amorphous.” But don’t let that freak you out. Beyond the heady reasoning behind the album, it’s a frakking solid piece of work that you can really sink your teeth into.

The Interbeing’s Among the Amorphous ticks all the boxes: punches to the gut, headbanging, solid lyrics, chunky guitars, fluid compositions, dark ambiance, evil screamo vocals, intoxicating vocals, over-riding lyrical concept, solid structure, top-notch production, and pure wickedness. Buy Among the Amorphous; you won’t be sorry!