ALBUM REVIEW: Tetrarch – Unstable

In this day and age, it can be a daunting task for Heavy Metal music fans to decide what music to purchase due to the influx of new music available. Thank goodness there are bands like Heavy Metal powerhouse Tetrarch whose music never disappoints and is always the right choice. The band’s second full-length studio album, and first for Napalm Records, Unstable, unleashing ten tracks of mind-blowing Metal.

The first track, ‘I’m Not Alright’, which was the first single released, simply put, is beyond reproach. Frontman, Josh Fore, commands attention with his angst-driven vocals, obviously baring part of his soul as he delivers the highly relatable lyrics. The breakdown and bridge are the apex of this track, filled with unadulterated aggression and malice thanks to the perfect storm of militant-sounding drumming from Ruben Limas and Fore’s vocals. ‘Negative Noise’ comes flying out of the gate with a chaotic mix of lightning-fast double bass drum and massively badass Thrash Metal infused guitar. Speaking of guitar, Guitarist Diamond Rowe delivers an exquisitely hardcore solo, displaying how extraordinarily talented she is. The title track,’ Unstable’, features deliciously dark and twisted lyrics like “Sometimes I feel like letting go, And tearing you open, Make a place inside your skin, If you come at me just remember, I am unstable, I’m unstable.” Some of the more transcendent tracks come later in the album. For example, on track nine, ‘Pushed Down’, guitar virtuoso Rowe unveils her flawless yet brutal playing that can only be described as pure magic. The track opens with a perfectly crafted guitar hook by Rowe that is infused with thrash, grunge, and just a hint of speed metal. The breakdown bleeds into a spine-tingling melodic-thrash hybrid-sounding solo also thanks to Rowe. Lyrically, this song is a hardcore anthem calling out to unite anyone that has ever felt bullied, beaten down, or ostracized. The final track, ‘Trust Me’ emits slow-building dark energy that is both mesmerizing and unsettling. Josh’s vocals are so evilly cloying that they linger long after the song has ended. This track is also significant for the simple fact that Bassist Ryan Lerner reveals his mastery in laying down subtle yet colossal bass lines in this song.

This album will appeal to just about anyone who appreciates any type of Metal music, or basically, anyone who has ears to hear how undeniably talented this band is. Pro tip- if you were stranded on a desert island and could only pick one album to listen to for the rest of forever, Tetrarch’s brand spanking new album, Unstable, should be the album you choose.


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8 / 10