Suicidal Tendencies – STill Cyco Punk After All These Years

There are no rules in punk rock. Suicidal Tendencies helped espouse that philosophy as much as any band ever. So really at this stage of the game, touring the world, playing anniversary shows celebrating their legendary self-titled debut, and having a lineup that is straight fire, they can do whatever they want to. However frontman Mike Muir didn’t always think this was the case. During the mid 90s hiatus of ST, Muir released the solo album Lost My Brain…Once Again (Epic), which sounded quite familiar. That album featured Steve Jones of Sex Pistols, Adam Siegel of Excel, and even Dave Kushner who went on to Velvet Revolver. A punked up throwback to the early – non-crossover thrash sound of the band, but the same brilliance from Muir lyrically and even some more of the fun of ST sideband, Infectious Grooves. Muir had wanted to redo this album for years but finally settled on having the latest incarnation the bands re-record it under the name STill Cyco Punk After All These Years (Suicidal Records).

STill Cyco… (not a typo, as the ST is for Suicidal, see?) was a sold, enjoyable album at the time it came out, but Muir felt it was lacking that oomph. There were a few standout tracks of course, but really unless you were a die-hard Cyco (we are legion after all) this is a lost unheard little gem that is getting a second life. Opener ‘I Love Destruction’ has the fast punk feel of the classic debut album. ‘F.U.B.A.R.’ Is definitely improved with Ra Diaz on bass and the man, Dean Pleasants shredding on leads. Mike sounds great and really you almost can’t tell it’s a re-recording except for some fun gang vocals.

There are definitely some tracks that were ahead of their time, concept-wise. ‘Sippin On The Insanitea’ pre-dates both the Internet and Memes! This is one of the tracks that benefit from the maestro Dave Lombardo on drums. ‘Lost My Brain…’ the track feels heavier with some better instrumentation. ‘Nothing To Lose’ just rocks and is a lot of fun. ‘All I Ever Get’ is a solid old-school hardcore sign along.

Looking back on it, this was a solid album, to begin with, and the better players and rearranged album sequence makes it slightly better. Selfishly, I wanted another full-length album from the band, since World Gone Mad was two years ago, and the Get Your Fight On EP had a few sweet new tracks. Hopefully this exercise was fun for Mike and the gang and they come back with a new album soon after.