ALBUM REVIEW: Spheric Universe Experience – Back Home

The new album from melodic progressive heavy metal act Spheric Universe Experience (never have I heard a more perfect name for a band!) Back Home (UPRISING!) is a true musical journey. This new cut, the band’s fifth overall and first for a decade, plays through like a movie soundtrack for some epic sci-fi adventure, which is apt considering this is a concept album set in space.

The band has a very orchestral feel and a huge sound that just brings its own emotion to each of the tracks. From moody and brooding to soaring then turning to just straight up ass-kicking. The songs have an eighties feel that cannot be ignored, but the technique is definitely a lot more modern and Frank Garcia‘s vocals call across the many years of amazing singers, wailing with awesome harmonies.


Speaking of technique there is even some awesome slap bass thrown in by founding member John Drai (sorry I am a bass player, and I did not see that coming). This is one of those albums where everything feels like it is playing lead. Every musician is throwing tasty parts in at every turn keeping the ear looking for the next “whoa, what was that!” around every corner. As a musician I had a lot of fun with this one, hooks and grooves galore but anyone who just loves music will definitely enjoy this new cut.

When this one is said and done and the very last track has played you will genuinely feel like you experienced something very very cool!!


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8 / 10