Slow – V – Oceans

I find that either when I am feeling down or when in the deepest parts of winter here in Massachusetts (who am I kidding, those two things are one in the same), that depressive music can help. With that said, the project known simply as, Slow, returns with the fifth chapter of atmospheric depression, entitled V – Oceans (code666/Aural Music). The Belgian seemingly solo project (technically a second member has been added on as of last year who is a lyricist) has really hit the nail on the head when it comes to funeral doom with some amazing atmosphere framing the whole sound.

Typically I pick some of my favorite songs off a new album and dig into them a bit on what made them stand out. Well, Slow does a great job on V – Oceans to, for the most part, mask where one track ends and the next begins. As in, the entire album is a long, lonely, depressing journey… yet beautifully architected. Each track adds another piece of the story as the listeners sink farther into the black abyss of death. The peak of the album comes in the midst of the third track entitled ‘Deluge’ where there is a build up into blast beats, of all things, and it certainly worked. The second half of the album ties it all together with some over the top atmosphere and crescendos until the quiet two minutes or so at the very end.


I find it hard to try and explain what it was about Slow’s V- Oceans that captivated me from the first time through. Perhaps that is the mission statement of the album, to wow the listener with how you feel from listening and experiencing the music. No need for flashy guitar solos, crazy drum fills, or edgy lyrics. Slow knocked this one out of the park on pure emotion which should get any fan of the genre to check this one out.