Skillet – Victorious

Music, to some people, is like oxygen, they feel they would never be able to survive without the music of their favorite bands. Music can also be a time machine, whisking the listener back to the exact moment, and the exact feelings as the very second they first heard that certain song. Music bridges all perceived obstacles, healing the wounded and speaking to all humankind, no matter what a person’s native language is. Then there are people who turn to the music of their favorite band for inspiration, guidance, strength and sometimes the fortitude to keep going forward in life. Skillet’s newest studio album, Victorious (Atlantic Records) is proof positive why the music of this band is a lighthouse beacon helping souls that have lost hope navigate the tumultuous, unforgiving sea known as life. The very metamorphosis of Skillet as a band serves as a true testament that the band is unwavering in their promise to practice what they preach.

The very first song on the 12 track album ‘Legendary’, electrified every molecule in my body as if it were a real charge of electrical current. The intro grabbed my attention unreservedly, but it was the guitar hook at the beginning of the first verse that cemented this track as a song I want in my life ’til I am worm food. I can honestly say that if I were ever stranded on a deserted island and could only listen to five songs the rest of my life, this track would be one of the five. The third track, which is also the title track of the album, ‘Victorious’ left no doubt in my mind that there are three things this band would never do. Number one: The band would never just write words to go with music to fill an album. Number two: Skillet would never abandon their beliefs just to get to the top of the music industry food chain. Number three: Skillet would never “put baby in a corner”.

Track seven, ‘Terrify The Dark’ is the most beautifully quotable grouping of words since Renae Zellweger’s character in the movie Jerry McGuire told to Tom Cruise’s character, “You had me at Hello.” I was going to list my favorite quotes from this song, then had to scrap the idea due to the fact I realized I had listed every single line in the song.

I was just about to wrap up this review with my thoughts about the final track when track eleven ‘Finish Line’ came pouring into my earbuds. This track would fit into several of The Skullgurl’s favorite made-up category’s such as “Gonna make you get a speeding ticket if you listen to it while driving.”

Another of my favorites is “Gonna make sure that every team in your high school will win if you listen to this song”. Last but not least “Gonna make sure you always root for the underdog if you listen to this song.” Now it is the final tracks’ time to shine, and oh boy howdy does it shine. ‘Back To Life’ wraps up this phenomenal album with tasty power chords, relatable lyrics and a beyond perfect delivery of double kick drum line that would make even Neil Peart jealous.

There you go folks, now you know which songs on Victorious are my favorites. I implore you to get up off your fanny perpendiculars and get this album immediately and binge listen to it until you know every word to every song right meow.

8 / 10