Sinners Bleed – Absolution

The Death, Thrash Metal act, Sinners Bleed caused a stir in the scene when they started out in the late nineties. Hailing from Berlin, this group of guys conjured a unique combination of speed and melody. Though they perked a lot of ears, life happened and the band had to take a step back from their fiery work. After a lengthy hiatus, they are now back and ready to release their second full-length album, Absolution (War Anthem Records). Even after being away for a while, Sinners Bleed has not missed a beat in their noteworthy, aggressive sound.

The grit and snarl of the guitars swiftly hits the listener as the second track, ‘Age of the Crow’ kicks in. There is a sinister edge and defiance in their presentation of sound. They unleash a madness full of blistering blast beats coming from the talent of drummer, Eric Webzel. When the vocals arrive, Jan Geidner communicates with rage and resentment. The dynamic dance between Sebastian Ankert and new member Arne Manekes guitar work carries each number with finesse. The succulent guitar solos enhance the already savory pieces. Sprinkled with some extreme sound, SB turns the heat up and reaches into the depths of Death Metal by producing some real rank heaviness. Their conscious chaos reminds you of the greats Origin, Dying Fetus, and Kreator.

On the track, ‘The Second Being’, bass player Henrik Fuchs feeds the band’s sound with unrelenting spirit. There is a menacing irritation in their ansty articulation that expresses genuine indignation. The lyrics are full of hostility and revenge, which lets the listener know the real fury they feel. Their abrasive and harsh stories capture the listener in an enticing, dark dream. The soar, style, and sting of the guitars continue to give weight to each number.

There is a cultivated sophistication on the songs, ‘Dawn of Infinity’ and ‘Obedience’. They have an ominous, yet majestic feel. Even by the end of the album, their merciless severity of sound keeps pounding away, highlighting their agile brutality and fire. They know how to create a catchy, technical groove that has real feeling. SB captures a heartiness and virility in their elegant, aggressive sound. Absolution is a headbang-worthy album that holds the listener tight in its arms of devilishly heavy sound. Glad to hear this band is back and is more extreme than ever.

7 / 10