After making a name for themselves in the local Brighton scene playing the small venues and intermittently releasing fuzzy rock singles, Sick Joy are here to introduce themselves to the rest of the world with their debut album. Having been described as being one of “British rock’s most promising young bands”, there’s a lot to be proved in this release.

With an album name like We’re All Gonna F***ing Die (SO Recordings) you’d expect some pretty bleak subject matter. On the contrary, the album opens up some really positive themes. Opening track ‘don’t feel like dying’ reflects on memories of lead vocalist Mykl‘s rough times and experiencing a moment of calmness and clarity. The chorus is infectious to the core; “I don’t feel like dying, at least not today” rings out accompanied by light back up vocals going “NaNaNaNa…” With the fuzzy, bright guitars, this creates an uplifting mood, where the listener can place themselves in his shoes. Not an easy feat to achieve, but the band does it with aplomb.

Lyrics and the overall message of the songs take the front seat. This is utmost present in track ‘Stay Numb’ taking on a whole new angle on a break up song. From the point of view of someone whose relationship has declined and lost all romantic feelings. With a number of other bands in their field, this could easily turn toxic. With Sick Joy, there is no woe is me. Instead it details the end of the relationship & moving onto a blossoming friendship instead, a lot more wholesome which you love to see.


Clearly in their touring days leading up to the making of the album, the band made a good impression on alternative veteran, Jamie Lenman, who features on heavy-hitter ‘belly aching beast’. Lenman’s vocals layered on top of Mykl’s adds so much depth and grit to the piece. Ultimately you can tell from the moment the breakdown hits, this is the track to get the crowds moving without doubt.


Regardless of their first singles being released half a decade ago, it seems like the band have been together a whole lot longer to create an album so cohesive and put together. There is the groundwork for what could be a phenomenal grungy, fuzz rock album, all the band needs to do is hone in on the strengths of this release and they could be one of the next big names.

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7 / 10